Why choose Therapy?

It is not our fault we experience suffering at times. We did not choose to be born into this world nor the environment, family, or genes we find ourselves with. All of these were out of our control. However, as an adult we can take responsibility for our own choices now. Counselling is a space to rest and digest as we prepare the body to help the mind, to process the tricky thinking loops of our lived experiences.

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Courage to be seen

Showing up and being seen takes inner courage. To engage in the therapy process takes commitment to deepen your self-awareness to continue to grow.

My compassionate and mindful approach enables you to explore your past then refocus back to the here and now.

Change to alleviate suffering

I want you to know that everything you desire for personal grow is within you and I am here to support you and facilitate your learning for as long as you are willing.

Establishing a clear awareness of your human conditioning, early rooted messages and learnt behaviours which maybe limiting or supressing your growth will alleviate your distress as you adapt to working within the three circles of emotional regulation.

Continue to grow

For continuous grow I will support you to gain awareness of where you might be out of balance within your emotions by exploring how you can work within your threats, drive and soothing systems.

The next steps

I aim to answer messages asap sent through my website, social media pages, telephone or email with the intention to respond within 24 hours of first contact. I welcome you to click the Lets talk about it link below if you have any enquiries about counselling, walk and talk therapy or mentoring.

All enquiries will be met with a warm and encouraging response. Your decision to get in touch and search for a new opportunity taking action to support your health and wellbeing is a healthy choice you are giving to yourself, go for it, You’ve got this!

Let's talk about it


Great organisations I work with


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