An opportunity to connect with compassion

Welcome, are you open to the opportunity to connect with compassion, deepen your awareness, feel supported, cared for, and held with positive regard within your supervision processing? I am ready to join you on your professional journey which I know takes courage, strength and wisdom in the helping profession

Your courage to be honest to discuss any issues that arise within your client work will be met by my empathy and strength to hold a safe and encouraging space to explore, reflect and make decisions that are aligned within your professional and ethical framework

Together we will celebrate all the great work you will achieve and focus on your growth and development as your needs and your clients needs change

It will be a privilege to support you to stay safe and well through your caseloads of client work with an encouraging smile and confidence to know I am there with you, with warm compassionate responses and no judgement, just a desire to see you shine and be part of your support network

Let's talk about it

I’ve provided a few questions and answers below to better detail this service. If you’ve got any more questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

What is your name and what do you like to be known as?

My birth name is Margaret, but I like to be known as Maggie. My pronouns are she/her

Where do you work and what do you do there?

I have my own Private Practice in Lincoln, working online and face to face with clients offering therapy short and long term

I also work for an EAP based in Nottingham as an associate Counsellor
As well I am employed as Specialist Mentor working with University Students online throughout the UK

What is your understanding of Clinical Supervision?

My intention is to offer a warm and supportive space for counsellors and psychotherapists to work within their ethical framework to offer safe practice to their clients

To facilitate a depth of learning through self-reflection, awareness and exploring processes to ensure best practices

I have a responsibility to explore with my supervisees, their and their clients clinical safety (Self-care practices and self-reflections as the human being in the therapist chair are an essential part of our practice)

What qualifications do you have in supervision?

I have completed a Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Clinical Supervision which includes Online and Telephone Counselling through the Counselling Tutor

What would be the minimum length of time that you could reasonably commit to supervising me?

I offer the opportunity to supervise you on a going basis, with a review every 6 months

If your supervisor has to take a leave of absence, I would be happy to offer a holding space for you until they return to work

How much do you charge?

I change £60.00 for 1.5 hours of supervision a month with an opportunity to extend this if required

I reduce the fee for trainees to £50.00 for 1.5 hours

If you require less supervision time we can explore this and put something into place in alignment with your professional bodies ethical requirements

All enquiries are welcome and I appreciate you maybe connecting with different supervisors to find the supervisor who you feel most aligned to, so there will be no pressure to make a decision during our 30 minute meeting


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