Nature Therapy Sessions

I am offering 1-hour outdoor nature walk and talk therapy. Green space is good for your mind and body, scientific studies have proven light, physical movement and stimulus from nature bring even more benefits to our wellbeing.

Let's talk about it

Courage to go outdoors

Walking in nature creates movement which propels people forward and can release depressive heavy feelings and calm anxiety.

Change of focus

Our first session will be face to face or over zoom to share information to create a clear plan of action, assess physical capacity, the speed in which you like to walk, what if we meet someone we know, if you want to bring a dog, etc.

Continue to release

From my mindful and compassionate approach, I will invite you to observe and notice how you are feeling to connect with nature which can boost your mood, enable growth and create healthy life choices.

The next steps

I aim to answer messages asap sent through my website, social media pages, telephone or email with the intention to respond within 24 hours of first contact. I welcome you to click the Lets talk about it link below if you have any enquiries about counselling, walk and talk therapy or mentoring.

All enquiries will be met with a warm and encouraging response. Your decision to get in touch and search for a new opportunity taking action to support your health and wellbeing is a healthy choice you are giving to yourself, go for it, You’ve got this!

Let's talk about it


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