Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve compiled a list of questions I think you might have about me, and my sessions. If you think of any more though please let me know

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What is the initial cost for a consultation session?

My fee is £45.00 per 50-minute session.

If you have experienced financial difficulties during COVID -19 I am open to discussing a reduced fee for you. This can be discussed during our initial correspondence.

What are the continued costs for each counselling session?

The continued fee for each session will be agreed at our consultation session and can be reviewed throughout the process.

How many counselling sessions am I likely to need?

Initially we agree upon contracting to work for 4 sessions with a continuous review every 4 sessions after. The counselling process is ongoing for as long as you feel it is supporting you with your mental wellbeing.

Some clients may only require a few sessions while other clients continue for several years with difficult traumas to process and recover from.

How do I know you are the right counsellor for me?

It takes courage to decide to engage in the counselling process and my focus is to help you to alleviate any discomfort or suffering you may be experiencing from your past or present life events, or internal difficulties. Helping you to get back to well-balanced, emotional regulator systems.

Each counsellor has a unique approach to working. My approach is very compassion focused. I encourage my clients to take a mindful approach to life. Learning to process what is going on in the here and now. To reflect on their self-discoveries as we explore what was and what could be your way forward now.

What are your qualifications and how do you keep me safe?

I qualified as an Integrative Counsellor in 2012 and continue to keep up to date with research and continued professional development.

I am a registered MBACP which is my governing body and I commit to working in line with their ethical framework for good practice which includes regular contact with my clinical supervisor to work to a high standard of practice.

My intention is to provide a safe and held environment as we work together to build up trust, maintain respect and enable you to continue to learn more about yourself and make significant changes to feel growth and acceptance.

I am fully insured and hold an enhanced DBS certificate.

What hours do you work?

I offer appointments on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday’s between 9.00 am – 7.00 pm. I am currently only working online with clients due to the Covid -19 restrictions. I am also offering Walk and Talk Therapy Sessions. My son works on the front line and is currently swabbing patients, so I do not want to put any of my clients at risk.

How will the counselling process end?

To ensure we are working in your best interest, we review the counselling process every 4 weeks. During that time, it becomes clear how we work towards an ending. I appreciate client’s individual requirements vary and not everyone needs to commit to long term therapy.

After an agreed number of weekly sessions some clients choose to reduce to fortnightly, then monthly sessions until they feel ready to end the therapeutic process.

Where can I meet with you in a safe space?

I am currently offering Walk and Talk therapy sessions. We discuss at our online Consultation Session where we agree to meet at an outdoor location to participate in talking therapy on a nature walk. If you would be interested in this type of therapy get in touch.

When I am safely able to return to face to face work it will be in the South Park area in Lincoln.

What does confidential mean?

I am contracted with my Website Designers and Clinical Supervisor to ensure all my communications, contracts and data protection policies are held safely with my client’s personal details confidentially maintained. Confidentiality is fully explained in my contractual agreements.


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